Thursday, 27 September 2018

Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection recent videos

Recent releases for the Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection of HS Talks. You can search for them in LibrarySearch or directly via the Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection entry on the Online databases and academic journals page in the portal.

In Viruses and Viral Diseases:

The type I interferon system and virusesThe type I interferon system and viruses
Dr. Adolfo Garcia-Sastre – Mount Sinai School of Medicine, USA
vaccination: Now you see it, now you don't
Prof. Anne Gershon – Columbia University College of Physicians 
and Surgeons, USA

In Gene-drives and Active Genetics:

molecular components?
Prof. John Marshall – University of California Berkeley, USA

In Genetics of Cardiovascular Disease:

Telomeres and cardiovascular diseaseTelomeres and cardiovascular disease
Dr. Jess Buxton – Kingston University London, UK

In The Risk of Bias in Randomized Clinical Trials:

An introduction to evidence-based medicineAn introduction to evidence-based medicine
Prof. Gordon Guyatt – McMaster University, Canada

In Periodic Reports: Advances in Clinical Interventions and Research Platforms:

therapeutic delivery
Prof. Tejal Desai – University of California, San Francisco, USA

In Autoimmunity:

Diagnostic methods in autoimmunityDiagnostic methods in autoimmunity
Mr. Steven Binder – Bio-Rad Laboratories, USA

In Adaptive Clinical Trial Design:

Phase II clinical trials - Bayesian methods
Prof. Fei Ye – Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA

In Topical Talks:

posttraumatic psychopathology
Dr. Abdulbaghi Ahmad – Uppsala University, Sweden

In The Legacy of Drosophila Genetics:

complex - The legacy of Ed Lewis
Prof. Francois Karch – University of Geneva, Switzerland

In Bioinformatics for Metabolomics:

Metabolomics resourcesMetabolomics resources
Prof. David Wishart – University of Alberta, Canada

Featured talks from previous releases:

activities 1
Prof. Michael Hecht – Princeton University, USA
Perspectives on biological catalysisPerspectives on biological catalysis
Prof. Stephen Benkovic – The Pennsylvania State University, 
Lifestyle and nutrition in stroke preventionLifestyle and nutrition in stroke prevention
Prof. J. David Spence – Western University, Canada
genetics: general statistical concepts
Dr. Paul O'Reilly – King's College London, UK
analysis in ageing research 1
Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães – University of Liverpool, UK

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