Thursday, 30 November 2017

Business & Management Collection recent videos

Recent releases for the Business & Management Collection of HS Talks. You can search for them in LibrarySearch or directly via the Business & Management Collection entry on the Online databases and academic journals page in the portal.

New Fintech Series:
Digital banking and banking-as-a-platform
Mr. Will Beeson – Head of Operations & Innovation, 
CivilisedBank, UK
Bitcoin and beyond: the promises of blockchain
Prof. Jonathon Read – Luxembourg School of Business, 
Banking the unbanked
Ms. Alix Murphy – WorldRemit, UK

New and updated releases:

Rupert Murdoch: integrating media and political power
Mr. Granville Williams – Project Director, Media Ownership in the 
Age of Convergence with the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting, 
Introduction to Strategy-as-Practice
Prof. Paula Jarzabkowski – Aston Business School, UK
Prof. David Seidl – University of Zurich, Switzerland
Handling complaints from your team members
Ms. Catherine Mattice Zundel – Civility Partners, USA
CityFalcon: case study of a financial start-up
Mr. Ruzbeh Bacha – CityFalcon, UK

Monday, 27 November 2017

Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection recent videos

Recent releases for the Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection of HS Talks. You can search for them in LibrarySearch or directly via the Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection entry on the Online databases and academic journals page in the portal.

Bioinformatics for Metabolomics:
Dr. Gwénaëlle Le Gall – Quadram Institute, UK
Univariate statistics and metabolomicsUnivariate statistics and metabolomics
Dr. Ron Wehrens – Wageningen University & Research, 
Multivariate statistics and metabolomicsMultivariate statistics and metabolomics
Dr. Ron Wehrens – Wageningen University & Research, 
FAIR data in metabolomicsFAIR data in metabolomics
Prof. Dr. Christoph Steinbeck – Friedrich-Schiller-University, 
MassBank and RMassBankMassBank and RMassBank
Dr. Emma L. Schymanski – University of Luxembourg, 

Topical Talks:
brain injury
Prof. John Bedolla – University of Texas Dell Medical School, 
The Salford lung study in COPDThe Salford lung study in COPD
Dr. Dave Leather – GSK Global Respiratory Franchise, UK

The Complement System:
Subversion of complement by bacteriaSubversion of complement by bacteria
Prof. Seppo Meri – University of Helsinki, Finland

Alzheimer's Disease/ Periodic Reports: Advances in 
Clinical Interventions and Research Platforms:
Alzheimer's disease: where are we up to?Alzheimer's disease: where are we up to? +
Prof. John Hardy – Institute of Neurology, 
University College London, UK

Cancer Therapies in the Personalized Medicine Era:
cancer medicine
Prof. Maurie Markman – Cancer Treatment Centers of America, 

Adaptive Clinical Trial Design:
Adaptive clinical trial design: randomizationAdaptive clinical trial design: randomization
Prof. Hao Liu – Indiana University School of Medicine, 

Speech Dysfluency:

and patient-centered care (PCC) 2
Prof. Nan Bernstein Ratner – University of Maryland, USA

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Changes to Greenwich Stockwell Street Library Opening Hours from Monday 27th November to Thursday 11th January (Inclusive)

We would like to make you aware of forthcoming changes to the building opening times of Greenwich Stockwell Street Library, which will apply over the following weeks. 

Please ensure that you have your Greenwich Gateway ID with you when visiting the Library.

Please note that all Faculty and Departmental offices, the Office of Student Affairs and any other University buildings will be closed from Saturday 23rd December 2017 - Monday 1st January 2018 (inclusive).

The amended opening times are as follows;

From 8.00am Monday 27th November – Thursday 14th December 23.59pm (inclusive)


Friday 15th December

8.00am – 12.00 midnight

Saturday 16th December –
Sunday 17th December (inclusive)

9.00am – 12.00 midnight

Monday 18th December –
Thursday 21st December (inclusive)

8.00am – 12.00 midnight

Friday 22nd December

8.00am – 17.00pm

CLOSED from 17.00pm Friday 22nd December until Tuesday 26th December (inclusive)

From 10.00am Wednesday 27th December – Sunday 31st December (inclusive)

10.00am – 18.00pm

CLOSED on Monday 1st January 2018

From 8.00am Tuesday 2nd January –
Thursday 11th January 23.59 (inclusive)


From 8.00am Friday 12th January, midnight opening hours will resume
(8.00am – 12.00am midnight weekdays, 9.00am – 12.00am midnight weekends)

For Library Welcome Desk hours, please contact Stockwell Street Library.

Please be aware that throughout all 24/7 periods, SCONUL users will not be permitted to enter the Library.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Downloading MyiLibrary E-books

In order to download MyiLibrary e-books you will need to have Adobe Digital Editions or BlueFire Reader installed on your personal device. Both are free to download from iTunes and Google Play. The steps are outlined below.