Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Renting eBooks via Dawsonera

You can rent eBooks needed for your course work or dissertations via Dawsonera in the portal.

Start from the University portal by navigating to Online databases and academic journals from the Search the Library portlet in the My Learning page.

Scroll down the list and select Dawsonera from the A-Z list of e-resources.

Rentals are granted for books NOT OWNED by the library so check LibrarySearch : https://librarysearch.gre.ac.uk/ first before making a rental request.

On the dawsonera rental request form you need to enter your university user ID in the username field e.g. za001 and your university email address in the email address field e.g za001@gre.ac.uk

Note: rentals will be declined if you make requests using a personal email address and you will have to re-submit the request with the details correctly completed.