Tuesday, 26 February 2013

HTML5 Flash and the Battle for Faster Cat Videos

Greg Schechter talks about HTML5 and video distribution on the web in this video. See what titles we have on HTML5 in the library.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Social Media Marketing All-in-One for Dummies

A short video about social media marketing from John Wiley and Sons. A copy of the book: Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies is available in the library.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Discovering Statistics Using SPSS

Andy Field author of Discovering Statistics Using SPSS answers questions in this video about unconventional ways to explain statistics. Have a look at Andy's titles in the library.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Why functional programming?

Steve Vinoski talks in this video about functional programming approaches in his experiences of distributed application development. Check out the books we have on functional programming in the library.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Education books on adult teaching and learning

Education students will be interested in Stephen Brookfield's short video on powerful techniques for teaching adults. We have some of his books on adult teaching and learning                                                                                                                available in the library.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Avery Hill Library and Computing facilities

Are you a new student just enrolled this term and based at Avery Hill? Watch this short presentation to find out about library and computing facilities at the Avery Hill campus or view online at: http://prezi.com/ldc29axdxt4j/rfl-january-2013/

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Top 10 Dawsonera e-books January 2013

Are you using e-books? These are the most accessed e-books in Dawsonera in December. E-books can be accessed via the Library & Computing tab in the portal on and off campus. Find out more from our web page.

Misconceptions in primary science / Allen, Michael
Location: 372.350440941/ALL. Total pages accessed 1651

Investigating classroom talk 2nd edition, revised and extended / Edwards, A. D. (Anthony Davies); Westgate, D. P. G. (David P G)
Location: 371.1022/EDW. Total pages accessed 427

Doing a literature review in health and social care: a practical guide 2nd edition / Aveyard, Helen
Location: 362.1072041/AVE. Total pages accessed 415

Food Microbiology 3rd edition / Martin R. Adams and Maurice O. Moss.
Location: 664.001579/ADA. Total pages accessed 308

Handbook of policing 2nd edition / Newburn, Tim
Location: 363.20941/HAN. Total pages accessed 305

The nurse mentor's handbook: supporting students in clinical practice / By Walsh, Danny
Location: 610.7307155/WAL. Total pages accessed 255

Learning through child observation 2nd edition / Fawcett, Mary, 1936-
Location: 362.70941/FAW. Total pages accessed 234

Land law 4th edition / Bray, Judith
Location: 346.043/BRA. Total pages accessed 198

Evidence-based clinical practice in nursing and health care: assimilating research, experience and expertise / Pearson, Alan, SRN; Field, John, RPN; Jordan, Zoe
Location: 610.73/PEA. Total pages accessed 196

Moving out, moving on: young people's pathways in and through homelessness / Mallett, Shelley, 1960-
Location: 362.7086942/MOV. Total pages accessed 181

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

E-resources 24/7

Need help finding what you need for your studies and research? Get ready for exams and assignments. Come and see us in the Student Support Rooms at Avery Hill Library and the Drill Hall Library for help. 

At Avery Hill and Stockwell Street Library you can sign up for one of our Library Workshops.

You have access to thousands of journal articles including backfiles and archives across a range of electronic resources via the Online databases and academic journals in the My Learning page in the portal. 

Science Direct, Scopus, EBSCOhost Research Databases, IEEE Xplore, Wiley Online Library, Emerald, JSTOR, Springer, SAGE are just some of the resources we subscribe to. Resources are available 24/7 on and off campus. You can find a full list of our e-resources provision at: http://libguides.gre.ac.uk/e-resources.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Top 10 MyiLibrary e-books January 2013

Are you using e-books? These are the most accessed e-books in MyiLibrary in December. E-books can be accessed via the Library & Computing tab in the portal on and off campus. Find out more from our web page.

Exploring talk in schools: inspired by the work of Douglas Barnes / Mercer, Neil; Hodgkinson, Steve
Location: 371.1022/EXP. Total accesses 3259

Literacy and learning through talk: strategies for the primary classroom / Corden, Roy
Location: 372.6/COR. Total accesses 2081

Research methods in education 6th edition / Cohen, Louis, 1928-
Location: 370.78/COH. Total accesses 1463

Talking, listening, learning: effective talk in the primary classroom / Myhill, Debra; Jones, Susan M; Hopper, Rosemary
Location: 372.137/MYH. Total accesses 1403

Doing your research project: a guide for first-time researchers in education, health and social science 4th edition / Bell, Judith, 1930-
Location: 370.78/BEL. Total accesses 823

Structural elements design manual: working with Eurocodes / Draycott, Trevor; Bullman, Peter
Location: 624.1771/DRA. Total accesses 797

Essentials of operations management (2011) / Slack, Nigel; Brandon-Jones, Alistair; Johnston, Robert, 1953-
Location: 658.5/SLA. Total accesses 769

Events management: an introduction (2012) / Bladen, Charles
Location: 394.2068/EVE. Total accesses 740

Words and minds: how we use language to think together / Mercer, Neil
Location: 302.224/MER. Total accesses 692

The politics of sports development: development of sport or development through sport? / Houlihan, Barrie; White, Anita
Location: 796.0690941/HOU. Total accesses 667