Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection recent videos

Recent releases for the Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection of HS Talks. You can search for them in LibrarySearch or directly via the Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection entry on the Online databases and academic journals page in the portal.

In Topical Talks:

The academic basis of primary health careThe academic basis of primary health care
Prof. Trisha Greenhalgh – University of Oxford, UK

In Bioinformatics for Metabolomics:

Dr. Pietro Franceschi – Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy
context of metabolic networks
Dr. Fabien Jourdan – French Agronomic Research 
Institute, France

In Cancer Therapies in the Personalized Medicine Era:

Prof. Bhagwat Prasad – University of Washington, USA
Cancer treatment paradigmsCancer treatment paradigms
Prof. Sharon Marsh – University of Alberta, Canada

In Periodic Reports: Advances in Clinical Interventions and Research Platforms:

neuromodulation for Schizophrenia
Prof. Judith Gault – University of Colorado, Denver, USA

In Adaptive Clinical Trial:

Prof. Mark Conaway – University of Virginia, USA

In The Blood-Brain Barrier:

sclerosis: A target for treatment?
Dr. Elga de Vries – VU Medical Centre, Netherlands

In The Complement System:

alternative pathway
Prof. Santiago Rodríguez de Córdoba – Centro de 
Investigaciones Biológicas, Spain

In Stroke-Prevention:

benefit from endarterectomy or stenting
Dr. Kosmas Paraskevas – Athens University Medical School, 

Featured talks from previous releases:

The classical pathway of complementThe classical pathway of complement
Prof. Mohamed R. Daha – Leiden University Medical Center, 
(intellectual) disabilities
Prof. Ruth Northway – University of South Wales, UK
Parkinson's research in 2017
Prof. Patrick A. Lewis – University of Reading, UK

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