Monday, 4 December 2017

Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection recent videos

Recent releases for the Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection of HS Talks. You can search for them in LibrarySearch or directly via the Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection entry on the Online databases and academic journals page in the portal.

about the structure of the brain and neural systems
Prof. David W. Stephens – University of Minnesota, USA
Dr. Natalie Cooper – Natural History Museum, London, UK
bottom-up controls on ecosystems
Prof. Jonathan Shurin – University of California-San Diego, 

Topical Talks:
Prof. Anisur Rahman – University College London, UK

Periodic Reports: Advances in Clinical Interventions and Research Platforms:
in ophthalmology
Dr. Rebecca Kaye – University of Southampton, UK
Prof. Andrew Lotery – University of Southampton, UK

via comprehensive damage repair
Dr. Aubrey de Grey – SENS Foundation, USA

Macular Degeneration:
Epigenetics in age-related macular degeneration
Prof. Andrew Lotery – University of Southampton, UK

 Adaptive Clinical Trial Design:
adaptive clinical designs
Prof. Tatsuki Koyama – Vanderbilt University, USA

RNA Interference:
RNA interference functions and mechanisms in animals
Prof. Richard Carthew – Northwestern University, USA

Speech Dysfluency:

word-final (end-word) repetition
Prof. Vivian Sisskin – University of Maryland, USA

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